Nisreen Abu Maizer

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Business Interests

Coming form an auditing background, Nisreen loves a stimulating analytical challenge. She enjoys applying her skills and knowledge to new sets of circumstances and going above and beyond when it comes to tackling new tasks and learning new skills to get the job done.

Nisreen graduated with distinction from the Hashemite University with a Bachelors in Accounting. She worked as an external auditor in KPMG Jordan until she found her place in iMENA in 2015, where she could count on constantly facing new challenges to overcome and helping entrepreneurs actualize their ideas.

Besides her career, Nisreen takes pride in being a working mom who has found just the right balance between family and career. She often finds herself resorting to crafts and origami to cool off her brain.

“One small change that had a big impact on life was making it a point to wake up 15 minutes early. Time is the most valuable resource in our lives, so for me, a minute could make a difference in your life, so try to live like every moment matters.”