Our Methodology

Focused, Proven, and Clear Thesis

Since day one, we have been playing an active role in building and transforming online businesses that went on to become leaders in their respective categories. Today, our performance ranks amongst the top quartile of venture capital investors regionally and globally across all indicators.

Our corporate structure provides strong governance, transparency, and engagement opportunities for our shareholders at multiple levels. What defines the DNA of our portfolio is our clear focus on business models with large regional markets, strong network effects, and defensible barriers to entry. With such a focus, we are able to:

Identify, source out, and own the most attractive regional business models

Scale, expand, and grow businesses from concept to profitability

Increase the net asset value of our portfolio based on real and defensible financial and operational indicators

Take measured risks while minimizing loss at an early stage of portfolio lifecycle

Exit and realize returns in a timely manner

A market with massive potential

The MENA market is characterized by a high-growth potential and being under-served; it ranks favorably against other emerging Internet markets around the world. This brings us a great deal of optimism as the doors of opportunity are open for useful tech to reach and serve millions of users across the region.

357 million population

greater than the combined population of Brazil and Russia

2.7 trillion USD GDP

greater than Brazil, Russia, or India

152 million Internet users

greater than the combined user base of Brazil and South Korea

39% Internet penetration rate

enormous growth potential

74% smartphone penetration rate in UAE & KSA

highest in the world

34 billion USD e-commerce market

highest YoY growth rate in the world at 18% (Middle East & Africa)

2.3 billion USD digital advertising market

highest YoY growth rate in the world at 38% (Middle East & Africa)

We offer investors a balanced risk-return proxy for growth of the online industry in the MENA region through a portfolio of diversified, high-growth businesses spanning the most attractive online business models and the largest markets in the region. This allows us to build, invest in, and significantly increase the value of a panoply of online businesses across all phases of their development.

Existing high-growth, profitable businesses with short-term exit potential

Existing emerging growth businesses with clear path to profitability and medium-term exit potential

Clear strategy and proven track-record to invest in new online businesses with long-term return potential