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Buying a car is quite an exciting step in one’s life, but it does have its downsides. When Saygin Yalcin attempted to sell his car, he immediately found the process to be quite cumbersome—he had to take the car for valuation, advertise, tens of calls and visits, find a buyer, strike a deal, lots and lots of paperwork, and sorting transactions…it all seemed more like a full-on project of its own than a straightforward arrangement.

Being the serial entrepreneur he is, Saygin came to iMENA with an irresistible idea: To simplify the car trading process and make it a quick and efficient experience for everyone in the region.

In no time, iMENA assembled a technology team and started building the technology platform with Saygin that would turn the idea into a tangible reality, all the while securing partnerships across MENA.

SellAnyCar came to life in 2013, and the complications around buying and selling a car were superseded by a new method that is time-efficient, automated, and hassle-free. Sell a car is now faster than your average visit to the car mechanic.

Today, SellAnyCar has proven to be one of the most successful Internet businesses in MENA. It stands as the number one used cars marketplace in the region, and the largest car buyer in UAE.

SellAnyCar is set to face the future with more growth, geographical expansion, and many more happy users who can enjoy their car trading experience—without all the hassle.









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