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When Adey Salamin was doing his bachelors in the U.S. back in the early 2000's, he managed to buy a car online, sell it a few months later and make a profit!

He realized the need for online classifieds in the MENA region. When he got back to Amman he launched the first Arabic online  used goods marketplace, but the Internet market was still nascent in the region.

A few years later, Adey met Salah Al Sharif, a Libyan American entrepreneur who was working along with 2 part timers on a small classifieds website called "OpenSooq". Things were looking good for OpenSooq and the company was—slowly, but surely—growing. But having the operations and headquarters in Libya proved a hindrance to what OpenSooq would later become.

In 2012, iMENA stepped in and partnered with Salah. iMENA leveraged its extensive network of investors, industry experts and professionals to help the company hit the ground running. The headquarters moved to Jordan and Adey Salamin assumed the role of CEO. The startup with potential has grown to become the leading online classified platform in the MENA region.

OpenSooq has soon reached tens of millions of app downloads, making it one of the top downloaded regional apps of all time. The platform has achieved tremendous growth in its core KPIs,  reached billions of monthly pageviews and is now considered one of the largest Arabic platforms globally.

“The growth in mobile Internet and smartphone penetration in the region is changing the Arabic classifieds market, and Opensooq has been leading this transformation.”
—Adey Salamin, OpenSooq CEO.

OpenSooq continues to expand its platform to cover new dimensions, catalyzing billions of transactions across the region. Today, the platform is not only a marketplace for trade, but also an employment hub and a platform for providing services. OpenSooq is on a mission of stitching together a fragmented MENA market with billions of webs that connect millions of people across the region.









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