Ride-hailing service, empowering car-owners to offer a quick and easy solution to transportation and movement in the Middle East.

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In 2014, a joint venture between iMENA Group and Rocket Internet was created to address the issues of fragmentation and inefficiency that were facing the Jordanian and Saudi taxi markets. Using technology to consolidate the market and build a ride-hailing service provider in Jordan and Saudi Arabia was the solution that they came up with.

When iMENA was introduced to the idea of a ride-hailing solution, it saw the opportunity of transforming the transportation industry with a disruptive business model. iMENA started with Jeeny (EasyTaxi at the time) early on as strategic partners; it joined forces and collaborated on optimizing marketing and operations, and worked with the authorities to shape the industry’s regulatory framework.

Jeeny hit the market with a vision of making people’s everyday lives easier by providing a simple innovative solution to a real problem. All the while, Jeeny has had a tremendous economic impact on the drivers who make the service possible, amplifying the network effect of the model and propelling the service towards scalability and growth.

Today, Jeeny has evolved beyond ride-hailing to become a comprehensive on-demand logistics marketplace with a large fleet of private car and taxi cab drivers inits key markets. Whether it’s food, groceries, or business correspondence that people need to move around town, Jeeny is the go-to name in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.









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