May 1, 2017

With Over a Quarter of a Billion Page Views, OpenSooq Experiences Major Growth

The market for classified websites in the Middle East is expanding rapidly as more people choose to shop online now that the Internet is accessible to the majority and connectivity is growing.

The rise of classified webpages in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) has dramatically changed the face of how people shop and how companies conduct business. Classified websites bring together merchants and consumers on a platform where sellers can advertise their goods and services and buyers can browse the offerings on a local and global scale. On these platforms, businesses and individual online merchants compete which allows for more product options for consumers and lower prices for goods and services as a result of increased competition.

OpenSooq, a major classified website in the MENA region, provides a platform for businesses and consumers to buy and sell items that range from cars, apartments, phones to furniture, in addition to providing a space for job-seekers to search for employment opportunities around the Middle East. This gives ordinary people ease of access to information that can help them find what they need simply, easily and affordably. As the number one classifieds platform in five Arab countries, Opensooq is reaching the top of the charts in more ways than one.

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