April 19, 2018

UAE: launches a repurchase service launches a repurchase service in the UAE

A new service from to the UAE residents allows them not to worry about cash availability anymore. With, customers can sell their cars for instant cash and buy back the car itself within a few months. is the first and largest car purchase service provider in the Middle East, offering free and immediate online car reviews, free car checkups, guaranteed car purchase within 30 minutes, prompt payment and covering all paperwork. With 18 branches in all Emirati cities, is close to any neighborhood. By creating the largest market for car buyers, it guarantees to offer the highest prices any company can pay.

The latest “Repurchase Service” offers residents and expatriates the fastest, easiest and best way to sell their cars at reasonable prices. Cross-platform “”, you can sell any car and repurchase it within 30, 60 or 90 days. The seller gets the option to repurchase the car at an agreed value. In addition, distinctive car owners will receive a free rental car.

The concept is similar to the car mortgage service you use if you need fast cash. During the purchase period, stores the vehicle in a fully air-conditioned zone and gets regular checkups.

In the current market, where many residents face difficulty collecting cash in the short term, due to bank restrictions and extensive documentation requirements, their cars could be a source of some money with the new repurchase option offered by Since the company specializes in buying cars unlike banks, this guarantees fair price evaluation and achieving small marginal profits out of a large number of transactions.

How the service works:

All the owner has to do is deliver basic information about the car through an online form for free and instant online evaluation, and provides customers with their market knowledge of the real market value of their car.

The next step is scheduling a free car check at one of’s retail stores in the UAE. At an agreeable date, one of the company’s professional car experts will conduct a free and non-binding inspection of the car. The customer then can choose to sell the vehicle directly and obtain a repurchase option if desired.