April 12, 2020

Tough Times Build Greater Online Superheroes

Our superheros have been working day and night to help their clients and communities at large to overcome those difficult times. Together, we will emerge stronger than ever.


  • In cooperation with the Jordanian Government, has developed and launched; a platform connecting businesses and citizens with government authorities to issue permits that will allow them to move around and conduct essential tasks.
  • Advertisers: To deliver on its mission of helping people buy and sell with ease, OpenSooq has been offering their advertisers and clients, who have prepaid for services, extensions and added value on their purchases when the uncertainty of COVID-19 subsides.


  • Restaurants: ReserveOut has rolled out immediate initiatives to support its current restaurant base in these difficult times. These include waiving software licensing fees for restaurants over the next 3 months, rolling out a gift card solution for diners to purchase at a discount today and redeem at full price when restaurants reopen, and launching a “Support your Local Restaurant" campaign for diners to support their favorite dining spots by ordering food and buying gift cards.
  • E-learning: As part of ReserveOut's social responsibility towards the hospitality sector, it co-created a learning series for restaurant staff to grow their knowledge of the industry.


  • Car sellers: SellAnyCar announced the launch of a new service which will facilitate the process and procedures of selling a car for customers. The new “Home Service” will allow our customers to sell their cars without leaving the safety of their homes.
  • Car dealers: With a mission to support the automotive industry, SellAnyCar has established a financing facility to support their automotive partners, traders, and dealers.


  • Merchants: Telr is waiving monthly fees for all businesses forced to close due to government directive during March and April. Such businesses include gyms, sports facilities, kids entertainment centers, schools, travel companies and hotels.
  • Ubiquitous payments: To carry on its mission of enabling a cashless society, Telr is launching a new service enabling offline merchants, with no website or smart application, to accept online payments and reduce cash transactions.


  • Cashless payments: As a response to the risks associated with cash transactions, Jeeny has launched a mobile wallet to reduce contact with cash for both drivers and passengers.
  • Delivery: Stemming from its social responsibility and as part of its mission to offer the best and safest transportation solution in the region, Jeeny is leveraging its large network of drivers to deliver groceries, pharmaceuticals and essentials to citizens throughout the lock-down period and beyond.