May 1, 2017

Telr Wants to Be the One Stop E-Commerce Solution for Small Businesses

There are over a million ways to make an online payment today. That's probably an overstatement, but there is simply no shortage of payments gateways, and these companies support a myriad of payment options - from cash (or card) on delivery, to netbanking, to a growing number of mobile wallets , just to name a few. So when Telr (which is active in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, though headquartered in Singapore) expanded into India, the question obviously came up if the market needs yet another product of its kind.

That's why Sirish Kumar, CEO and Founder, Telr, is quick to point out that the company isn't so much a payment gateway, as being what he describes as an "ecosystem enabler". Although he notes that Telr prides itself on offering "the most secure, reliable and innovative online payment processing service, with a strong anti-fraud platform." Kumar tells Gadgets 360 that Telr wants to focus on the SME sector, and this means offering more than just payments solutions.

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