September 30, 2014 partners with prominent car rental agencies to offer sellers free replacement cars, the Middle East's first car buying service that guarantees it will purchase any car within 30 minutes, has added free rented car replacements to its convenience offering.

In partnership with some of the UAE's top car rental agencies, now offers rental replacements for up to a month to owners who sell their vehicles at any branch.

Upon making a free online car valuation, sellers can drive to their nearest location. Following a free detailed car inspection, they can immediately sell it, with the paperwork processed and payment authorised in less than 30 minutes. And in an initiative that extends convenience beyond the point of sale, they can get a rented car the same day – provided the car sold is of sufficient value.

" offers a free car inspection, a guarantee to buy any car and pay you instantly. Going beyond just the sale is a perfect addition to our customer service excellence approach. Customers can get a rental replacement the same day, which bridges the gap between selling their old car and buying a new one. So when you ask yourself what the best way is to sell your car, the answer is always," said Saygin Yalcin, Founder and CEO of

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