March 24, 2020

ReserveOut’s "Support your Local Restaurant" campaign

With reference to the current global situation and regulations related to Corona Virus (COVID-19), Mr. Khalil Shadid, founder and CEO of ReserveOut has expressed his ultimate support to all partners during this challenging time through a host of initiatives engineered to assist businesses affected by recent development due to the Corona Virus crisis which has been throwing all of us a nasty curve ball during this current time. ReserveOut’s "Support your Local Restaurant" campaign in addition to others are made to ease the situation and provide some momentarily solution to all partners.

The message sent from one family member to all ReserveOut family assuring all partners that ReserveOut, its founder and CEO and all staff understand totally the situation all partners are facing and offered several key solutions to assist the businesses which are facing difficult situation all around the world.  

To our partners in success,


During these difficult times and challenges, we hope you are all safe and well and doing your best to adjust to the latest decisions which have already impacted your beautiful and successful businesses and we, at ReserveOut, fully understand that all of us, individuals and businesses alike,are arranging our professional and personal lives in the safest and most sensible way possible.

ReserveOut considers itself part of your success and we know that the well-being of your employees, colleagues, friends and clients, and the continued effective operation of your business, remain your paramount concern. 

These are turbulent and uncertain time that we have to navigate through together and support each other to come out of with minimal business impact. We have seen reservations drop over the past 4 weeks that started gradually, but has intensified over the with the past 3 days. Average drop across all restaurants is 35% with some restaurants showing 80% less booking and unfortunately this will progressively get worse.


ReserveOut believes in this partnership and that is why we will assist you in:

·        Providing a 50% discount on March's monthly fees as a way of helping businesses that are facing a difficult month

·        Extending payment terms to 60 days to allow more time to recover in order to settle invoices

·        Introducing a gift card alternative where clients can buy today and use it at later dates;this way establishments such as yours can have some support

·        Launching a solid campaign under the title "Support your Local Restaurant" targeting all diners and guiding them on how to support restaurants during this difficult and challenging time and suggesting the following actions:

-       To buy gift cards to be used later

-       To postpone and not cancel current bookings

-       To order delivery from their favorite restaurants 

ReserveOut believes that there might be a need for restaurants to reinvent themselves during these challenging times such as designing menu items that can be more easily delivered and more online marketing efforts.

Our thoughts are with those affected by COVID-19, and we hope that this event would soon end in order to have everything back to normal.

ReserveOut wishes you all the best and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Your partner,

Khalil Shadid

Founder& CEO | ReserveOut