May 17, 2020

OpenSooq- Fulfilling customer needs with WhatsApp business API

An OpenSooq success case study was published on Facebook for Business, explaining how OpenSooq meets its customer needs with WhatsApp business API, establishing a reliable and efficient communication system with its customers via WhatsApp, thus increasing its customer satisfaction.


Headquartered in Jordan, OpenSooq is an online classified and marketplace accessed by over 45 million people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). A wide variety of products and services – such as cars, real estate, furniture, and electronics –are traded on it.


People across the MENA region were already using WhatsApp, so OpenSooq knew that they would be receptive to using it to communicate with the company. It decided to use WhatsApp to handle account updates and verification, as well as delivery communication.

The IT and telecommunications company Infobip helped OpenSooq set up and launch the WhatsApp Business API in19 countries. OpenSooq used WhatsApp to create an automated customer on boarding experience and account verification process, which was previously done via SMS.WhatsApp’s high delivery rates and seamless signup process allowed people to easily create accounts, reset their passwords, and verify their phone numbers.

People could also talk directly to OpenSooq’s customer service agents via WhatsApp if they needed help with account access, authentication, or selling products and services on the platform. OpenSooq’s WhatsApp services were shown to customers once they opened or made changes to their accounts or accessed its help page. Because its agents were already familiar with using WhatsApp, the marketplace did not have to spend much time training them to use the service.

OpenSooq's WhatsApp service has increased efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Over five months since its launch in November 2019, the company has seen the following results:


·       82% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT) score

·       78% increase in agent productivity

·       65% increase in first-contact resolution

·       44% decrease in agent handling time

·       60% decrease in verification and password reset complaints


“With the WhatsAppBusiness API, we became less reliant on time-consuming verification processes.Our service agents were empowered to serve customers via their preferred platform, and we were able to ensure that our messages always got delivered ina timely, cost-effective manner. Infobip allowed us to smoothly transition fromSMS to WhatsApp, and integrate the platform into our system.”


Ossamah Basaita - VP ofProducts, OpenSooq


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