February 17, 2022

mSME enabling platform, Setup in Abu Dhabi, launched

In order to facilitate business in the UAE, Creative Zone has collaborated with Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and twenty-three other governmental and private entities, including Telr, to establish a mSME enabling platform titled “Setup in Abu Dhabi”.

The platform provides business owners and mSMEs integrated corporate solutions, setup advice and aid in launching and developing their business in Abu Dhabi. The services it offers include information regarding establishing a business as well as support services including insurance, banking, legal advice, HR services, tax and accounting, and so on.

This supports Abu Dhabi’s recent attempts to enhance its economic climate by fueling private establishments. Additionally, Abu Dhabi reduced the requirements for starting a business by 71%, which in turn slashes business setup fees by 90%.

Of Setup in Abu Dhabi, Mouza Obaid Al Nasiri, executive director SMEs Sector, Added, has stated that, “The launch of Setup in Abu Dhabi is a significant step to provide suitable ecosystem to support mSME, as it is one of the vital sectors in the economy and plays a critical role in increasing GDP and job creation.”