May 1, 2017

Interview with Founder and CEO of Reserveout

Khalil Shadid, founder and CEO of Reserveout
Image credit: Sandrella Obeid
Reserveout Founder and CEO Khalil Shadid On Acquisitions, Expansions And More

Khalil Shadid, founder and CEO of Reserveout, decided to launch his business in the Middle East when he was living in New York. It was 2009, and he couldn’t get a restaurant booking in Amman, Jordan for his upcoming trip. There really wasn’t much in the way of online hospitality resources, so he solved his problem by calling overseas to a cousin. After some research, Shadid concluded that “this wasn’t just a problem in Jordan, but in all major Middle Eastern cities. Online presence for restaurants at the time was very limited- you couldn’t make reservations at any restaurants online, and more importantly 99% of restaurants were not using technology to manage their business. Reservations and CRM were mostly handled on pen and paper. In early 2012, we launched Reserveout to shift the restaurant and consumer behavior when it came to restaurant operations and reservations, and enable a more transparent and easy experience for anyone who wants to discover, view or make a reservation with restaurants in the Middle East.”

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