April 27, 2020

Endeavor Selects OpenSooq's Adey Salamin into the Endeavor Network

Endeavor Jordan  announces the selection of Adey Salamin, CEO of the leading classifieds online marketplace into its global network of high-impact entrepreneurs. The selection came as a result of Endeavor’s 2nd Virtual International Selection Panel (vISP), held during April 20-22, where Adey was announced among 13 entrepreneurs leading 7 companies. Endeavor now supports 2,059 entrepreneurs leading 1,285 companies in37 markets around the world.


“It’s been a great experience and a very unique one, especially during these times and during the chaos happening all around us to have the experience of speaking to some of the best potential mentors globally for entrepreneurs and be part of such a wonderful organization, and Look forward to learning from the great minds that are collectively part of this amazing network” Adey commented.


The Endeavor ISP is the final phase of a multi-step rigorous selection process, where candidates pitch their companies to top international business leaders and investors from the Endeavor network, making those obtaining a unanimous vote officially Endeavor Entrepreneurs.


Reem Goussous, Endeavor Jordan Managing Director stated that “we are thrilled to have Adey in our portfolio of high-impact entrepreneurs. We look forward to supporting him through his scale-up journey and to his active engagement with us.”


Endeavor was established in 1997, and today it boasts a presence in nearly 40 markets across Latin America,Asia, Africa, Middle East, and underserved areas of Europe and the UnitedStates, and has evolved over two decades to reflect new realities and new opportunities. Endeavor now supports 2,059 entrepreneurs leading 1,285 companies in 37 markets around the world. With the establishment of the local chapter in 2009, Endeavor Jordan now supports 37 entrepreneurs leading 24 companies.