Suhaib Bseiso

Investment Manager

Business Interests

Suhaib graduated from Boston University in 2018 with a major in History and a minor in Business Administration. Prior to transferring to Boston University, he attended Drexel University as an Entrepreneurship and Innovation major. A big part of his time at Drexel was comprised of the Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (ELLC), a residential program with a close-knit community of enterprising students. It provided him with a first glimpse of the innovation ecosystem in Philadelphia and San Francisco; as well as a unique opportunity to access mentorship from experienced serial entrepreneurs. Once at Boston University, he changed course and became a history major, which allowed him to meld the worlds of innovation and history. He became capable of combining the careful analysis of evidence with compelling storytelling, all the while expanding his viewpoint of human ingenuity and invention throughout time.

The study of both history and innovation has taught him that we still have much to discover, as we develop new concepts and technologies that will disrupt traditional approaches in exchange for more effective ones.

He was able to further expand his knowledge through his first real-world experience in the VC and startup world through his time at Oasis500. Where he spent two years deeply involved in the startup ecosystem in Jordan. Getting the opportunity to evaluate hundreds of applications, invest in several cohorts and guide various entrepreneurs through an extensive acceleration program.