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Most good products stem from a personal need. For Khalil Shadid, the need emerged while he was living in New York in 2009. He’d attempted to make a restaurant reservation for his upcoming trip to Amman, Jordan, only to find that that there wasn’t much in the way of online restaurant reservations in Jordan—or even in the Middle East’s major cities. He realized that most restaurants in the region were still using pen and paper to manage their businesses. So, Khalil set his mind on building a digital solution that addresses both sides of the equation.

iMENA was Khalil’s first partners on board, and it set out to push the idea to its limits. iMENA focused on guiding the company through building the technology, assisting operations, and striking partnerships across the region. All the while, iMENA and Khalil articulated a solid strategic business plan that would propel the company in the direction of scalability and growth.

ReserveOut came to life in 2012, and offered customers a simple and transparent way to discover new dining experiences and make reservations at their favorite restaurants. For restauranteurs, ReserveOut has proven a powerful management tool that continues to help thousands of restaurants maximize capacity, optimize operations and marketing efforts, and offer their customers better, more personalized experiences.

ReserveOut has successfully seated over 25 million diners in UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman.

Today, ReserveOut stands as the region’s largest restaurant reservation platform and is set on elevating the experiences of both customers and restaurateurs throughout the Middle East and beyond.









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